Flops: Cherry Clafoutis

Looking at this picture might make your tummy rumble and trigger a craving for something similar. But, we must learn, and come to accept, that even though something looks exquisite does not mean it will taste so. This is one of those instances. I made this French Cherry Clafoutis after reading about one in a blog. The origin of this recipe? Julia Childs. Reliable? I thought so. My respects to Julia, but this recipe was terrible. It was way too sweet, bland, and soggy. Could I have done something wrong? It may be possible, but the simplicity and ease of the recipe tells me otherwise. I wish I could try a good clafoutis, just to know what it is suppose to taste like. So if anyone knows of an extraordinary clafoutis recipe, please let me know. Because honestly, this clafoutis is haunting me.

Update: I have found a clafoutis recipe that has the components to be the real thing, from a real french cook. Check out The French Press clafouti recipe here.  I am going to give it another try sometimes soon. To be continued…


9 Responses to “Flops: Cherry Clafoutis”

  1. Ugh, sorry it didn’t turn out!

  2. Susana Lopez (Yes Lopez uh) Says:

    me too. it looks delicious.
    Maybe you should do your rasberry one. I would love to get the recipe.

  3. say it ain’t so! bummer when you spend the dinero on ingredients and then… whammo.. it doesn’t turn out how you expected it too. Did any one else try it?

    • Yes, my fiance Mark tried it and he definitively agreed. However, he does not really like bread pudding type dishes, and this was similar.

      I did put it in the fridge and had another taste the day after. It was improved in flavor and texture, but still not very good. It broke my heart to have throw it out! Sniffle, sniffle!

  4. That is too bad, looks beautiful though…

  5. You remember I have a recipe on my site. I looked at Julia Child’s and there are some differences but make sure you like clafouti as a dish before you try again- it may not be your thing. It is not really a custard and not really a bread pudding- lots of eggs, a little flour. You could try to make it with a similarly textured fruit- apricot or plum come to mind, but I’d be weary of fruits that are better fitted in a crisp- softer juicier fruits like berries, peach, etc. You should totally try my recipe and tell me what you think!

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