Chinese Orange Tofu “Chicken”

My brother’s favorite meal is orange chicken. Since he is in town I was bound to make this awesome meal, again. I know I’ve already blogged about orange tofu before, but because it was one of my first blog posts, the picture I had taken was not at all appetizing. So here is a much better representation of Chinese Orange “Chicken”.

I also must say this recipe is WAY better than your ordinary chinese restaurant.  Not only is the sauce way better and more flavorful with a slightly peanuty-taste, there are no chunks of mystery chicken fat that always made me suspicious and discussed while I would eat any chinese breaded chicken. And this is true whether you try my tofu version or you make your own real chicken version, because you will know exactly what you are eating. But trust me, the tofu version is extremely good…so give it a try!

Orange “Chicken” Recipe


12 Responses to “Chinese Orange Tofu “Chicken””

  1. The colors are fantastic and I believe you that this is better than any restaurant!

  2. So glad you posted this again! My kids have actually been asking for orange chicken… nice timing!

  3. I’m usually rebellious about what I consider “poser” foods. But, you’ve got me curious to try this!

  4. We don’t eat a lot of tofu, but this sounds amazing!

  5. Great click, sounds interesting and yummy..thanks for dropping by my site, hope to see you often…

  6. Great picture and this looks very delicious indeed!

  7. Yummy! Love orange chicken or tufu chicken.

  8. Really beautiful, and sounds so good 🙂

  9. It is gorgeous. ::sigh:: I just like chicken better (I hope you understand). Really does look beautiful though. 🙂

  10. I’d like to find out more? I’d want to find out more details.

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